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Luke, Taylor and Alice form a great team, each complementing the others' strengths and bringing a diverse range of perspectives to the table.

We're a unique trio of directors, each bringing a distinct background and skill set to the company. Two identify as Māori, reflecting our commitment to valuing Māori perspectives and contributions, as well as integrating cultural insights and values such as kaitiakitanga (guardianship), whānaungatanga (building relationships), and manaakitanga (caring for families and communities), and strengthening our connections with Māori communities.


We operate as a whānau business, however, our network of professional thinkers and thought leaders extends well beyond our immediate circle.


We love a coffee and a chat, so please get in touch if you have a project we could collaborate on. 



Professional Problem Solver / Director 

Luke is our resident plate spinner. He can drink coffee and write an email at the same time. He loves a challenge, is a great communicator and has years of experience working in various industries in both NZ and Australia from project management, media, events and more.

021 486 131




Professional Problem Solver / Director 

Ngai Tahu

Taylor is our admin guru and loves a good spreadsheet. She likes to make sure Luke has all his commas in the right place, she's a great communicator, a perfectionist, has a teaching degree and that's why she is someone you want working with you. 

022 457 8343




Chief Creative Officer / Director 

Ngai Tahu

Alice​ is our creative compass and has been a practising Māori artist for over 20 years. She has exhibited and sold her work around the world, has taught and produced arts events and workshops throughout NZ, Australia and the US. When we get too boring, we call Alice.   

022 104 5595

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